Super Player Held 2019 Innovation Cooperation Summit Successfully


On March 26, the “2019 Super Player Innovation Cooperation Summit” subjected as “Creating a Brighter Future Hand in Hand” was held in Wuxi. Liu Jinhua-the President of China Culture & Entertainment Industry Association, Wei Jun-the President of Super Player, Wang Leilei-the President and CEO of Kongzhong Group, Wang Rui-the Chief President Assistant and Merchants Center G.M. of Wanda Commercial Management Group, Yang Zexuan-the Initiator of Wanshang Club,  Su Benli-the Preident of Guangzhou WAHLAP Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Bo Linsen-the CTO of Bingcheng Science and Technology, Zhu Heng-the Deputy General Manager of Shiyu Science and Technology, Li Xihui-the President of Wuxi Fantian, Ren Gengsheng-the Vice President of Zhanhui Amination, and Liu Songben-the President of Aoger attended this summit and delivered speeches. This summit was presided over by Mr. Zhongqiao-the Vice President of Super Player. The purpose of this summit is to enhance the communication among insiders and outsiders, explore the innovation direction of the sector, push forward the platform-oriented business strategy, realize win-win cooperation and make contribution to the boom of the culture entertainment sector of China.

1553669228240621.png(Picture of the Special Speakers of the Summit)

Exploring New Industrial Form and Forging an Open General Platform


(Remark by the President of Super Player Mr. Wei Jun at the Opening Ceremony)

In the remark, the President of Super Player Mr. Wei Jun retrospected the development course and exploration path of Super Player by stage. The first amusement field of Super Player was officially opened in 2005 and more than 360 stores have covered more than one hundred key cities nationwide so far. In these approximately fifteen years of development course, Super Player has kept constant innovation of business form, invested more than RMB 80 million in total and never stopped development and innovation.

Mr. Wei Jun said compared with US, Japan and other countries with developed culture entertainment sector, the interior amusement of China still has a vast sea to be developed. However, as the consumption is upgrading today, with the purpose to satisfy the demand of users for higher level spiritual food, the first choice is to provide one-stop all-around entertainment experience and open platform-based business. In future, Super Player will share brand value, field space and membership system with partners on the innovation business platform and create the entertainment products, scenes and experiences over user expectation jointly.

Focusing on Sector Concerns and Proposing Ideas Proactively


(Speech by Attendants)

On the conference, Wang Leilei-the President and CEO of Kongzhong Group delivered a speech and advocated the integration of online and offline to create a new spaces for consumption and social interaction among youngers; Wang Rui- the Chief President Assistant and Merchants Center G.M. of Wanda Commercial Management Group delivered a speech subjected as Exploring New Experience and Forging a Fashion Center; Yang Zexuan-the Initiator of Wanshang Club presented the attendants the innovation and development of the shopping center and experience form; Su Benli-the President of Huali Science and Technology interpreted the development trend of offline entertainment; Bo Linsen-the CTO of Bingcheng Science and Technology shared the big data of the new consumption of Bing Cheng; Liu Songben-the President of Qingdao Aoger analyzed the development trend of IP and suggested to combine IP with Super Player. All attendants delivered wonderful speeches and received positive response from site viewers.

In the round table conference of the summit presided over by Lv Nan-the General Manager of the Planning Department of Super Player, Bei Liang-the Deputy General Manager of Zhanhui Animation, Zhu Heng-the Deputy General Manager of Shiyu Science and Technology, Fang Linsheng-the General Manager of Shanghai APCC, Zhang Huaxing-the General Manager of Xinshiyu Bowling, Chen Long-the President of RASS13, Wang Ziyi-the President of Artistic Orient Digital Technology, Guo Huiyong-the Vice President of Haiji and other attendants expressed their opinions for the “combat” between online entertainment and offline entertainment and provided ideas for the development of offline entertainment.

Strategic Cooperation


(Panel Discussion)

On this summit, Super Player concluded strategic cooperation agreements with dozens of partners. They agreed to give play of their resource advantages and synergistic effect to contribute power to the development of the games and amusement sector. In the awarding ceremony, Zhong Qiao and Mei Yuechang-the Vice President of Super Player were awarded with Excellent Partner Prize of Super Player and Wei Jun-the President of Super Player Group was awarded with Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Prize for their firm trust and support to Super Player in the development course.


(Site Viewers Gave Hot Response)

The high-quality discussion contents and high-level attendants of the summit received constant applause of the attendants

The subject “Creating a Brighter Future Hand in Hand” was fully discussed. The synergistic effect of strategic cooperation will definitely break the sector barrier and realize win-win results. The event guiding the development of gams & amusement sector was completed in the hot and amiable atmosphere.